Ariha Shah was just seven months old when the German authorities took Indian Baby to their parents.


Ariha Shah was just seven months old when the German authorities took Indian Baby to their parents.


A German court has denied custody of an Indian baby to her parents, Dhara and Bhavesh Shah. The baby, Ariha, was born in Berlin in February 2021.


The Shahs say that Ariha was accidentally injured by her grandmother, who was visiting from India. They took her to the hospital, where the Germany’s Youth Welfare Office (Jugendamt), Germany’s child protection services, was alerted. The Jugendamt then took Ariha into their custody.


Ariha Shah was just seven months old when the German authorities took Indian Baby to their parents.×169.jpeg

The Shahs have been fighting for Ariha’s return ever since. They have filed a lawsuit against the Jugendamt, but the case is still pending.


The Shahs’ case has been as sparked outrage in India. Many people believe that the Jugendamt is discriminating against the Shahs because they are Indian. The Indian government has also expressed concern about the case.


The German government has said that it is committed to protecting children’s rights. However, it has also said that it respects the independence of the Jugendamt.


The future of Ariha’s case is uncertain. It is possible that the Jugendamt will eventually return her to her parents. However, it is also possible that the case will go to trial.


The Shahs are determined to get Ariha back. They say that she is their daughter and that she belongs with them.


The court’s decision has been met with disappointment by the Shahs and their supporters. They believe that the court has failed to consider the best interests of the child. They have vowed to continue fighting for Ariha’s return.


The case has highlighted the challenges that Indian parents face when their children are taken into care in Germany. The German child protection system is notoriously difficult to navigate for foreign parents. The Shahs’ case is a reminder of the importance of ensuring that all children have access to fair and impartial justice, regardless of their nationality.


Some serious questions to the Indian government:


Q. What actions has the Indian government taken so far to advocate for the return of Ariha Shah to India?


Q. Have there been any diplomatic efforts made by the Indian government to engage with German authorities on this matter?


Q. How is the Indian government supporting the parents during this difficult situation?


Q. What measures are being taken to ensure the protection and welfare of Indian children abroad?


Q. Prime Minister Modi more than a year and a half has passed since Ariha Shah was placed in the custody of the German Youth Welfare Office. Despite expressing concerns and advocating for her return, why has the Indian government been unable to exert enough pressure on Germany to facilitate her repatriation to India? Can you provide an update on the efforts made by the government in this regard and any challenges faced during the process?